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16 January 2010 @ 01:55 pm

As excited as I was to apartment hunt, I'm so tired of it. The biggest problem is that were looking a bit too early but when you have 3 animals you have to since apartments that will accept them all are so limited.

Were looking at another place in Shorewood tomorrow, and I'm hopeful about it. Heat is included and it's a 1 bedroom + den which is exactly what were looking to downsize to.

I am completely overwhelmed at work and have two choices. Tell my boss my plate is full, or try to sneak unpaid hours in when everyone leaves. Neither are too desireable, so I guess I'll be talking to her Monday. I hope it's not admitting defeat but my days are a blur of paperwork and phone calls with little room for projects.

I'm currently workin at apple a day right now, and taking on some extra hours here to help pay for a security deposit and movers in March. That's the big motivation right now. Depending where we find a place I might quit, or stick it out until pete is done with school in November. Then well each work one job and have entire weekends together which sounds so amazing.

I am really looking forward to baseball season. I can't wait to get our tickets in the mail and pick out 4 pack!

Ok this was pretty random and it's hard enough to type clearly. Peas.

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