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26 January 2009 @ 07:28 pm
my first poker tournament  
On Sunday Pete and I went to Romine's on 27th to play in their weekly tournament. All you have to do to play is buy a $5 gift card which you can then use on their yummy food or drinks. We got there too early so we played pool for an hour before it started. There is a draw so you don't get to sit where you want, and I think there were at least 6 or 7 tables with about 9 people in each table, so at least 50 people were there.

I played pretty conservatively, and took out the nicest guy with a full house. The tournament was very organized, with the tourney director moving people so each table always had an even number of people. Pete got knocked out when I was on my second table, and before I knew it half of the people were done. I won some really big hands, and was just trying to do my best. About 4 hours into play, I made it to the final table. Everyone won a free hour of pool and an extra $600 in chips, and blinds went down for the rest. I hung on until there were 4 of us left. There were 2 guys that were big chip leaders, and me and another that had a decent amount. Around 5:30 I'd pretty much had enough of playing poker, because over 5 hours of serious concentration was just too much. Finally I went all in on a hand and lost, which I was fine with. Since I made 4th place I won a prize (2 bottles of vodka with glasses and a hat) AND I made it to the finals they are having next week. I'm hoping some of my friends will come there next weekend so they can shoot pool and hang while I play. The whole thing is on a point system so I'm not sure how many chips I'll have but I know I got some for making the final table and then for 4th place.

Anyway, it was pretty cool and everyone was super nice. I think the best part was the guy who won asking me, "so Val how long have you been playing poker?" and me replying, "Oh about six months."

The end.
Nicpresenttense80 on January 27th, 2009 03:05 pm (UTC)
When I am well enough, my fiance, my sister and her boyfriend play poker at a bar every Saturday. My sister and her boyfriend are serious players and play many days a week and online too. I just think it's fun and don't take it too serious.
Good job!
valeriecardiorrhexis on January 27th, 2009 09:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I only started bc my boyfriend hosts a pretty regular weekly game. Since I've been laid off I've been playing a lot more, online too. It is fun! Plus this tourney was only $5 so not a big entry.

How are you feeling these days miss?
Steffiknuschie on January 27th, 2009 03:43 pm (UTC)
well if you let me know when it is,...i'll probably stop up to see ya play!
valeriecardiorrhexis on January 27th, 2009 09:19 pm (UTC)
It's this upcoming Superbowl Sunday. I'm trying to get a group together for drinks and pool, I'm not sure how long I'll be in it since it's the finals - but it's at Romines and the draw is at 12:45.